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      Gus Talks Tough On Linux

    Gus is a man of many words, and in this candid interview he hasn't changed his tone or verboseness. We approached Gus in his favorite "thinking" place, Really Deep Creek Lake, to ask him where his thoughts are on Linux.

    ReallyLinux: Gus what is your take on the Linux phenomenon?
    Gus: Phooey! That's right, it's Phooey! That guy from Microsoft put it good when he sat up and said something about Linux being for small fry.

    RL: How do you see the latest reports about Linux growing over 38% share of the OS Server market?
    : Frankly that's a load of tripe. It's about as slimy a number as this here dead fish I'm holding. [holds up a rancid fish in his hand] Truth is that Microsoft still kicks ass in the server market, and although Microsoft servers are a boat load more expensive, they get the job done well.

    RL: Do you see Linux's relatively low price as a reason for its success in penetrating the server market?
    Gus: You startin' to give me the willies! NO way is Linux succeeding, because it is what it is - cheap! You get what you pay for and in my case I much prefer paying the cost of Microsoft Server 2003 for around $799. I saw one of those Linuxes for something crazy like for FREE on the internet! I'm guessing I'm going to get what I pay for and if I pay almost nothing, I am going to get as much.

    RL: How do you account for the large and growing market share of Linux?
    Gus: Marketing! Them marketers of Linux are using big money and hype to push this on to poor defenseless folks who don't know better. After all think about it this way, Microsoft is a name I know and I'm willing to pay a lot for that name.

    RL: I'm curious how you decipher this since Linux is not a product owned by a specific company? What are your thoughts about the latest benchmark test showing Linux servers compete head to head?
    Gus: You keep talking like that and I'm going to slap this fish up side your head! [makes an aggressive gesture with the dead fish he's still holding] Now let's stop blabbering about Linux and get fishing!

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    Gus Talks Even Tougher: Part II

    "Gus" series written for are purely fictional accounts of Linux use and do not in any way convey true stories. Any names and characters are purely hypothetical and fictional, written for the benefit and entertainment of those with a sense of humor. This story is fiction and is best read with a reasonable smile.

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