Even Granny Has Linux Installed
Granny's list of favorite Linux programs. This week, Granny tells all about Gimp and KSnapshot.

Hello my dear. I am so thankful you stopped at my page to learn a little about my favorite Linux programs and for some of my fresh apple pie.

While the pie is cooling, let me introduce you to two I have enjoyed using. These two programs nearly knocked my dentures out!

Looking for a great Graphics Package? Use Gimp!
GNU's Image Manipulation Program offers so many features usually found in professional desktop applications for the customary Linux price of $0.00. Gimp comes with most versions of Linux and I know for sure in Mandrake and RedHat. Just be sure to install this graphics package when given the option during setup. If you have Linux installed, GIMP usually is found under Graphics.

I'm no artist, but the GIMP allowed me to do some clever artwork in seconds. I'm not making this up. Here I have created a pretty sphere with a single click of my mouse key:

I'm so thankful for the wonderful folks who helped make the GIMP possible. Thank you Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis and the other gang of fine folks at Gimp.org. Just so you can be sure of the power of GIMP, our well known TUX image (now known as the Linux logo) by Larry Ewing was designed in GIMP!


How to make screen captures in Linux? KSnapshot!
This very handy screen capture tool, by the folks who bring us the
KDE interface, has made screen capture too easy! Yes, even an old grannie can make quality images appear on websites! If you have Linux installed then you will usually find it under either KDE Tools or KDE Graphics menu.

KSnapshot, written by Richard Moore, ensures that even beginners get quality screen shots in Linux without a hitch. All of the screen captures I used for my articles are made using KSnapshot. Below is a snapshot of KSnapshot on my RedHat Linux machine.

Using both KSnapshot and the GIMP allows even an old grandmother to get real power from Linux!


Next article, I hope to review a few of my all time favorite programs available exclusively for Linux at the usual Linux price of $0. Until then, God bless you and hope you have a real nice day!

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