Granny Dumps MS Office for OpenOffice
This month, Granny tells us how she easily switched from MS Office to the fully compatible OpenOffice to gain the benefits of Linux.

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Hello my dear,

I am so thankful you stopped at my page to learn a little about my favorite Linux programs and for some of my home made apple cider!  While the cider is cooling, let me introduce you to the amazing OpenOffice software.

I went from using the expensive MS Office to the fully compatible SUN OpenOffice on my stable and inexpensive Linux OS.  It is such a joy to gain both the stability of Linux and the compatibility needed to exchange files with my dear friends.

I was so concerned that moving to Linux would mean I was no longer able to be compatible with and exchange files with others.  Within moments after installing OpenOffice, I realized this was not true at all!

Instead, I was able to easily edit my MS Word .doc files, make changes to old PowerPoint .ppt files, and even update an Excel .xls spreadsheet all from the convenience of OpenOffice for Linux!

I've included a screen capture of me opening my home-goals.doc file in Linux.  I could edit and save to the file format I knew people used without sacrificing performance, stability, and especially my hard earned money!

How easy the OpenOffice creators made it for me to switch.  The menus and features were so easy and similar that I could begin using OpenOffice immediately.  Below I have a screen capture of the OpenOffice main menu, which is a breeze to use if you are use to Microsoft tools.

This shows how even an old lady like me can easily make this change from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice!  Most important of all, I don't have to waste my meager retirement money on the expensive Office software, when I can get OpenOffice for so much cheaper.

But please don't take my word for it.  I want you to see for yourself that making the switch away from Microsoft is easy and still totally compatible!  I've included a link to the fully operational OpenOffice program, which is the free open source version of OpenOffice.


For my next article, I hope to review a few more of my favorite programs at the usual Linux price of $0. Until then, the Lord bless you and hope you have a joyful day!

With Love,
Special Ed writer

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