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    Gus Talks Tougher On Linux
    At the Local Fish & Chip

    Thanks for inviting me out to lunch for this interview Gus.  Its been some time since we last spoke about Linux making significant in roads in the server market.  Today, however, were also seeing Linux move to the desktop.  What are your thoughts about this phenomenon?

    Thats pure baloney.  Its as baloney a suggestion as telling me I have buckteeth!  <points to his teeth covered in tartar sauce> 

    Linux is losing the server war and the only people I know converting to Linux on their desktops are the poor who cant afford to buy software.

    What about the recent news that state and local governments are taking a serious look at Linux on the desktop as a major cost cutting measure?

    What governments are we talking about?  The Iraqi government?  Dont make me throw this fried cod at you.  <makes an aggressive motion with the fried fish in his hand> Most states I know have signed away the next few years with Microsoft licensing terms and those that havent are going to pay money to stay compatible with the rest of the world.

    Do you think SUNs OpenOffice for Linux is making an impact by allowing people to remain fully compatible with Microsoft Office, yet run on Linux?

    <spits out his fried fish on to the table> What the... Are you a pathological liar?

    <silent pause ...>

    Youre making this stuff up about Linux arent you?  There is no way that someone can create software thats going to remain compatible with Microsoft for long since the code and the upgrades force changes that make older versions incompatible.  I dont see any way that this OpenOffice stuff is making an impact.

    Well, then do you see the movement to Linux on the desktop as possibly a result of such Microsoft licensing and upgrade changes?

    What I see is a funny guy with a big nose telling me that Linux is useful on a PC!  I dont believe it because I havent seen it.

    Ive got my laptop in the case.  May I show you Linux on the desktop?

    You have it here on the laptop now?

    Yes.  May I show you how OpenOffice works?

    Im sorry, sorry.  Im startin to feel a little weird inside my bowels.  Ill be back in a minute or two, I need to... to relieve myself.

    <editors note:  Gus did not return to the restaurant or reply to emails from Mark>

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    "Gus" series written for are purely fictional accounts of Linux use and do not in any way convey true stories. Any names and characters are purely hypothetical and fictional, written for the benefit and entertainment of those with a sense of humor. This story is fiction and is best read with a reasonable smile.

    For personal help or answers to questions, please visit our message boards.

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