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    A Linux Ballad
    by Mark Rais

    Once I had a PC,
    That served me well.
    Until the dark day,
    When all went to hell.

    I powered it on,
    But my file was gone!
    I used the search tool,
    But felt like a fool.

    My printer was also undefined,
    Because PNP on my OS was behind!
    The stupid OS gave me a tip,
    Told me to reinsert the card and bite my lip.

    My LAN card was also not there,
    The OS gave me a scare!
    But when I opened my PC,
    A shiny network adapter I could see.

    I rebooted again and again,
    In insanity clucking like a hen!
    Perhaps it was all my fault,
    Said the blue screen with a halt.

    Apparently I had not properly shut down,
    Bad boy the system said as I began to frown.
    A thousand dollars of software upgrades,
    And many years of playing charades!

    This machine still didn't work right,
    And eventually I got up tight.
    Gave this dang machine some kicks,
    And then converted it to Linux.

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