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Mark Rais photographed leading an enterprise Linux server deployment.

Mark Rais photo presenting at a technology task force summit.

Speaking at the recent Yellow conference on Cloud solutions is Mark Rais with Ken Hippolite.

Mark Rais deploying new university laboratory Mac OSX sparse images.

Bio: Mark Rais
is our Volunteer Senior Editor in New Zealand

Mark Rais serves as volunteer senior editor, while also providing I.T. support and guidance to numerous international organizations and the New Zealand government.

Mark Rais is currently a volunteer and philanthropist, and was also a systems engineer who provided guidance to New Zealand organisations to implement IT infrastructure, including assisting with the New Zealand Cancer Registry system operations manual, KiwiSaver web portal systems engineer documentation and the Office of the Clerk Parliament Document automation.

Prior to that, he served as a consultant providing both volunteer and specialist technical guidance for government and industry in the areas of: websites, content management systems, and business infrastructure.

Mark Rais began his career as a Senior Technology Manager at Aol Inc. and Netscape, working there for 7 years. He was lead manager on numerous large scale websites including the AOL Shopping Web Portal (USD $1 Billion in transactions in its initial year).

Rais managed the development and use of the CART content publishing tool, responsible for delivering exclusive content for major brands including Aol, AIM, Netscape, and Compuserve front pages, with over 2 million daily views.

Mark Rais was the senior technical manager for the first AOL/CBS Big Brother TV reality show website, which at the time broke world-wide records for maximum internet connectivity (over 500,000 hits per second).

Having made his successes and working ridiculous hours in the industry, Mark Rais can now spend some of his time volunteering to help businesses improve their IT infrastructure, while also routinely serving as a systems engineering consultant for some larger organisations such as Gen-i, Office of the Clerk and others.

His passion is to see more New Zealand and North American government and business organizations gain benefits from IT, and Mark has said several times: "Open Source technology solutions are a fundamental tool for reducing costs and increasing services across environments."

Mark Rais also continues to support the Linux and OpenSource community, as a contributing columnist for Linux+DVD magazine and senior editor of Rais authored or contributed to five books including the 2nd Edition Linux for the Rest of Us, as well as over one hundred industry articles.

A few of Mark Rais' more recent publications include:

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  • He has been featured several times on LinuxToday, published articles on Scoop News, and provided technology information for the United Nations Development Program. You can review many more of his articles here.

    Rais is passionate about helping guide organizations to reduce costs and increase productivity through good technology practices.

    You can also follow him on:
  • For media, speaking, or writing inquiries ONLY (not for product solicitations):

    Projects History (either as contractor or as employee of a contracted organisation):
  • Office of the Clerk, Parliament - Parliamentary Journal Publishing Project
  • Ministry of Health - Cancer Registry
  • Inland Revenue - KiwiSaver Portal, Portal Whitepapers
  • Ministry of Transport - Intranet Content Management System
  • Netscape - MySpace Infrastructure Development
  • Aol - Shopping Portal
  • aol - AOL/CBS Big Brother 1 Reality Show
  • aol - Content Publishing System (Aol, Netscape, Compuserve)
  • Dept of the Navy - Contracted Technical Editor

  • Additional technology implementations for numerous smaller organisations including Courier Post, Gen kit, Amber dms, etc.

  • Press Interviews:
  • Interview with Jon Watson & Mark Rais, computer system security and protection
  • The Linux User Show: Interview of Rais, topics include the creation of
  • Linux for Business: Mark Rais reviews key ingredients for Linux business integration and openly presents the pros and cons of migrating to Linux and Open Source. 30 min.
  • Linux Evangelism: Mark Rais' engaging discussion of what makes good Linux evangelists and his own personal sharing of "a day in the life of a Linux evangelist." 25 min.
  • History of a Revolution: Mark Rais defines the power and potential of Linux through his personal summary of its rise. 25 min.

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