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    New Zealand based    Who Are We At

    To begin with, it is best to make sure people know we are all focused on encouraging new Linux users. This website is dedicated to an audience now from over 150 countries and an average of almost 100,000 monthly readers.

    Our writers, moderators, and editors are all volunteer international Linux supporters and professionals. Most of our team members reside in New Zealand. We also have a team of volunteer contributors from: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, UK and United States.

    Absolutely, unequivocally we believe in the benefits of using Linux for three simple reasons. Linux is: really FREE, really FLEXIBLE, and really FAST.     Yes, that's Really Linux!

    Some of the ReallyLinux Contributors

    Henry has spent the past 30 years leading major engineering projects on three continents and knows "a few things" about the value of documentation.  If titles were given out, and they are not, he would be called the big cheese, head honcho, venture capitalist, or perhaps CTO/CFO/CEO, although those are bad titles to have now-adays!  Regardless what others call Henry, we call him a real blessing.

    Mark   (Senior Editor and Author)   Contact
    Rais led a number of strategic initiatives during his seven years working for AOL and Netscape. He also contributed to and authored five books, including the books: Linux for the Rest of Us first and second editions. Rais regularly contributes articles to various magazines including: Linux+DVD, ComputerWorld, and LinuxJournal. Rais is currently writing strategic architecture and operations manuals for government IT deployments. Rais has provided technology counsel to non-profit organizations including Shiksha India and YMCA Africa.   Passionate to share experiences that help foster Linux use, you'll find beneficial wisdom in his numerous articles.

    Cynthia   (Assistant Editor)
    Without a doubt the quality and clarity of many of the articles you read on this site are a result of Cynthia's help. Without her attentiveness to details, commas, periods, and run on sentences we'd all be in trouble. Her background as PhD. Computer Science, publishing numerous articles and research papers, ensures that she can properly edit our articles so that most of our work is at least readable -- if not legible!

    Jon S.   (Contributing Writer)
    It's a great privilege to have talented writers like Jon Stephens contribute to reallylinux from his home in Australia. He is a technical writer working for MySQL AB. Jon has co-authored several important books including MySQL Database Design and Optimization and PHP 5 Recipes (both published by Apress), and his guidance appears regularly in International PHP magazine. Jon currently lives and thrives in Brisbane, Australia.

    Mario   (Contributing Writer)
    Mario Miyojim regularly contributes to reallylinux from his home in Brazil. For about 20 years he worked with software (mainframes, minicomputers, PCs), despite having an EE bachelors. In 1996, Mario began using GNU/Linux while completing his M.Sc. in computer science. His Linux enthusiasm exploded when in 1997 Mario put together several OSS applications to print color graphs from a simulator. Converted as a true believer of the power of Linux, Mario continues to help others see the benefit of Linux, LAMP, and VM use. You'll find many of his articles under our Op/Ed section.

    Jon W.   (Contributing Writer)
    One of the truly strong supporters of Linux, Jon over in Canada, contributes many new user articles and tips, and has been involved with writing the and hosting the weekly GNU/Linux podcasts. In his spare time he blogs on his personal site, Tales from the Motherboard, and hangs out in Calgary, Alberta with his fiancee and GNU/Linux co-host, Kelly Penguin Girl.

    Robert M.   (Contributing Writer)
    Robert's background and experience working with Windows and Linux systems for a U.K. hospital allows him to provide very helpful introductory lessons for new users. His contributions to the Linux community extend far beyond U.K.'s borders.

    Edvin F.   (Contributing Writer)
    With a background in Croatian, German, and writing now from Canada, Edvin shares some very resourceful insights that cross cultural borders and help all new Linux users.

    Dave S.   (Contributing Writer)
    From Ontaria Canada, Dave fills our readers in on the beginner use of popular distros like Ubuntu. He has experience with using Linux in the home and classroom environment and shares his insights from a personal perspective.

    James   ("Newbee" our Lead Moderator)
    James, from Australia, is without question one of the most dedicated and helpful leaders we have. One of the biggest challenges is providing personal answers to those issues we all face. But fear not, you are in great hands with the guidance and skilled responses from James (Newbee). Read his clear and concise answers to the hundreds of the most Common Linux Problems. It's a pleasure to have James on the team.

    Raghavendra   (Sr Moderator)
    We are very grateful to have Raghavendra, in India's IT capital, helping moderate our Message Boards! If you want real answers to your personal questions, then rest assured that someone caring and professional is ready to help. Raghavendra's contributions to our community ensures we never become a stale site.

    Sean   ("Moksha" Moderator)
    Our moderator (Moksha) provides his insights having used Debian, Red Hat, Mandrake. He also contributes to the community through his work with a computer recyling program benefitting the poor ( You can find his insights and guidance in our Which Linux Flavor? forum. His responses and insights will hopefully encourage you to try a Linux flavor today!

    Stephen   ("StephenWQ" Moderator)
    Friendly and encouraging, over in New Zealand, Stephen is a perfect moderator, helping new users feel comfortable asking questions and getting honest responses on the forums. It is Linux users like Stephen who give the community a friendly name and image. Welcome and join in!

    Jenny   (Communications Coordinator)
    Every team needs someone they can go to for everything from helping get the latest content up, to being the encouraging voice during rough times. Jenny is our resident expert in helping others. Without her help and contributions, this website would probably implode!

    Rockit   (aka. Mr. Burney)
    No one is better suited to write up tips and tricks on Linux and web related info for our boards than Rockit, who has been a real supporter.  Without gentlemen like Rockit, we would become a stale site with out-of-date information. Besides being an excellent Linux tips source, he also is an enthusiastic fan.

    John N.   (aka. Linux Bad Boy)
    He'll whip you up in tennis just as soon as he will whip you up on updating the Linux server in the office to the latest PHP.  He constantly proves to those he's helped and mentored with Linux, that you can learn by osmosis if you're around the right guy.  John is THE right guy and we're thankful for his contributions to Linux as a whole through his LUG participation, and his personal contributions to this site.

    Ray   (aka. Linux/Unix/it better have an X)
    Oh what a pleasure to have Ray back us up, literally and physically with his experiences as a network engineer and heavy lifting... mainly those 22 boxes of Linux books we had to lug in recently!  We all love Ray for his great demeanor and total love for computer operating systems with the letter X appearing at least once!

    Granny and Gus
    We are thankful that their personas express such a vivid love for Linux and hate for other products... ehr, except Gus that is!

    Behind the Scenes Folks
    These are the unnamed heroes who work day to day with Linux, setting up server farms, making systems run with Linux when no other OS will do, and truly proving that Linux servers can drive a vast amount of traffic with ease.  It is thanks to these men and women that real world proof of Linux exists and defines what we are about here.

    For our updated list of all Linux articles click on this link.

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